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St Bathans History

St Bathans is an historic gold mining town in central Otago. The lake next to the town was created by water filling the pit where gold was mined from 1864 till 1934. In places it is up to 168m deep.Due to the minerals in the surrounding rocks the water has a vivid blue colours leading to it being called "the Blue Lake" St Bathans is now a tourist destination due to its stunning surrounding and historic significance. A place not to be missed on your tour of Central Otago.

The Following information comes from: www.doc.govt.nz

  St Bathans was typical of gold mining town, in that the first buildings were probably not intended to last very long, due to the fickle nature of gold mining. Some have survived and, as a result, are unique.

Many of St Bathans buildings were mud brick, but most have long since disappeared. The hall has survived and is typical of community halls built during the gold mining and settlement years, though rare in its large size. An original mural on heavy fabric at the back of the stage adds a distinctive air of the past to the interior. The building was founded on indifferent material, including rubble fill, but despite that it has survived the structural problems that resulted.

The St Bathans Hall, now undergoing restoration, is the oldest continually used mud brick hall in New Zealand. It was built in 1892/93 by the local publican as a public hall ‘suitable for theatrical and other entertainment.’ Later uses included a Masonic Lodge, school room, mining company office, picture theatre and dance hall. It is now classified as a Category II historic place and is one of 21 sites in the Otago Goldfields Park.



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